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Geriatric Exercises Program

(Only at H.E.A.L with Axis Hospital, Andheri)

Geriatric Exercises Program is a shift in perspective from injury and therapy to susceptibility and prevention. Besides focusing on overall wellness and musculoskeletal aspects of ageing, it also incorporates fall risk assessment and balance training for fall prevention as well as identification of risk factors in the home environment and advice on the simple yet necessary modifications.

Geriatric Exercises Program at H.E.A.L with Axis Hospital, Andheri Includes:

01. Pre-class, individual session incorporating assessment of physical fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, fall risk, balance and posture
02. Supervised group sessions consisting of strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination exercises
03. Individual sessions of endurance training with monitoring of the vital parameters
04. Home visit to determine risk factors for falls at home and suggestion on modifications to overcome the same
05. Post-class assessment to identify areas requiring improvement through therapy and other modifications and a home program for continued benefits


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