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  • Physiotherapy

    Rehabilitation science aims to restore movement and function of an individual affected by injury, illness or disability, complemented by education and advice for health promotion, disease and injury prevention by an expert.

  • Sports Massage

    Deep tissue massage helps in releasing tension & restoring muscle balance to the muscular system. Used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury, it targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

  • Rehabilitation and Conditioning

    It improves muscular strength by gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of free weights, machines, or the person's own body weight.

  • Workplace Wellness

    Our employee health management program that encourages to engage one in a healthier, active lifestyle through wellness interventions enhancing the productivity of the organization & creating a healthier, happier work place thereby reducing absenteeism and medical costs.

  • Sports Science

    Our multi-faceted approach to how the human body responds to physical activity, from a cellular to whole body perspective, analysing the physiological and technical demands of any sport.

  • Neuro Rehabilitation

    An integrated approach designed for people with diseases, trauma, or disorders of the nervous system. It often improves function, reduces symptoms, and improves the well-being of the patient.

  • Geriatric Exercises Program

    It is a shift in perspective from injury and therapy to susceptibility and prevention. Besides focusing on overall wellness and musculoskeletal aspects of ageing, it also incorporates fall risk assessment and balance training for fall prevention as well as identification of risk factors

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