Shayamal Vallabhjee & Brett Lee on Injuries & Burden on Fast Bowlers

Shayamal Vallabhjee & Brett Lee on Injuries & Burden faced by Fast Bowlers

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Fast bowling is an art form, but the road to glory is not pretty. In addition to that, the ever looming risk of injury makes fast pace bowling a herculean task.

Sports Scientist Shayamal Vallabhjee along with cricket enthusiasts breakdown the burden that falls squarely on international fast paced bowler’s body. According to Michael Holding (Former West Indian Cricketer), if you are bowling with your body strength, then you won’t last very long in a spell nor in your career as a bowler.

Talking about shock absorption, Shayamal highlights that Concrete has 0% shock absorption in comparison to Turf pitch- 30% or Grass- 75%. This is a clear indication of what a bowler’s body goes through where the shock absorption is very minimal and the stress factor is extremely variable.

Fast bowling and injures go hand in hand and pace bowlers can break down any moment. According to Shayamal, 30-50% of cricket injuries happen to bowlers of which 60% relate to Lower Limb, 18-24% Stress fractures on Lower Back and 10-15% on Shoulder. It is quite surprising know that 55% of lower back injuries happen to bowlers below the age of 24 and as they age, side strains, ankle and hamstring injuries, career threatening degenerative knee condition take the lead.

Bharat Arun (Former Bowling Coach Team India) talks about the importance of Being Fit and Technically Efficient as the key components that will help a fast paced blower to bowl fast over a sustained period of time. Brett Lee recommends drills to strengthen the hamstring, planks for shoulder stability, step up for calf muscles and a lot more of functional training to be part of a bowler’s workout routine.

Staying fit is vital, recovery and rehabilitation are crucial for bowlers, specially when injuries are serious. Shayamal highlights how recovery is the most neglected component and lack of recommended sleep for 10 hours by professional cricketers is a concern.

Watch this and much more as Shayamal Vallabhjee along with cricket enthusiasts talks about the sacrifices, pain, sheer toll bowling consistently at at 140 kmph over after grueling over takes over a bowler’s body.

Video Courtesy: Star Sports India