Shayamal & Jonty Rhodes Breaking down the art of fielding

January 18, 2017 by admin - No Comments

Fielding is an important cricketing skill that can sway the momentum of a game. Different fielding positions call for different skills that involve fitness, speed, accuracy and strength.

Sports Scientist Shayamal Vallabhjee and Jonty Rhodes decode the art and science of fielding for different positions- ring fielders, close-in or slip fielders and outfielders.

According to Shayamal, anticipation is the key to success for close-in or slip fielders, whereas acceleration is a must for outfielders. While injuries and fielding go hand in hand, human hands are designed in a way to handle the pressure, but the moment a fielder gets hit in the head he’s in trouble!

While quick reflexes help, practice and preparation are vital when it comes to fielding. Jonty Rhodes also talks about the specific fielding drills for specific positions namely the blind turn drill, sliding drill and goal post drill.

Watch Shayamal and Jonty talk about what it takes to save those extra runs, make that perfect throw
and take that incredible leap of faith!

Video Courtesy: Star Sports India