Raj’s Pick: Must Run Marathons

October 4, 2016 by admin - No Comments

I am really happy to be a part of the HEAL family and excited for what we have in store and the prospects young runners have. A lot of people often ask me which marathon or race they should be participating in. Well it comes down to how experienced you are and for how long you have been training. So I decided to list down a few races and marathon, I would recommend. The events I have listed are best bets due to the organization, the cause they stand for and the exposure they give.

Here are the list of few marathons and 10k runs which I feel every new runners as well as an experienced & elite runner should participate in.
Beginner Runners: Runners who are new to running and have been training for around 3- 4 months should opt for a 10K run. Running a 10K will help them with their confidence and help them explore more about running. It’s better than jumping into a half marathon, which requires ample of practice and perfected techniques.
Here is the list of 10k runs that they should be on the lookout for:

1) Run India Run 10k: An initiative of Run India Run, organized under the aegis of Mumbai Suburban District Athletics Association. This will enable you to qualify for the Mumbai marathon. Event Date: 24-Jul-2016, BKC
2) Mirchi Monsoon 10k: A perfect blend of health and entertainment set against the backdrop of the monsoons promises to be one of best running experiences. Event Date: 28-Aug-2016, BKC
3) Juhu 10km SCMM Qualifier Run: One of its kind run to be held in the Suburbs of Mumbai, promoted by Parini and organized by Juhu Club and Aryans sports. Event Date: March, Juhu

If you have already ticked the above from your bucket list, here are some more Half Marathons for the beginners

1) Thane Hiranandani Half Marathon: Recognized by the Athletics Federation of India, offering Half Marathon – 21.097km, Green Run 10 km and Fun Run – 4 km
2) Vasai Virar Half Marathon and 10K Run: Conceptualized for the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation, has now got a national level status in 2012
3) IDBI Half Marathon: To be held for the first time in Mumbai on 21st August, 2016. A coveted Half-Marathon event which aims to take runners through important landmarks of the city
4) Mirchi Monsoon Half Marathon These are some of the best races in Mumbai everyone should take part regardless of whether they run or not.

Intermediate Runners could also begin with some of the some of the below listed Half Marathons

1) SCMM: One of the best marathons & a pioneer in India
2) Vasai-Virar Half Marathon
3) IDBI Marathon
4) BNP Endurothon: A 25k run organized at Sanjay Gandhi Borivali National Park is a mini ultra race designed for runners who wish to run in nature.
5) Thane Hiranandani Half Marathon 6) JNM Qualifier Half Marathon

For Advanced Runners who are looking to prove they are the best and try to get podium in their age category, the above are the marathons which I ran and personally feel that they are the best organized marathons in Mumbai as well as India.

I would recommend giving first preference to the Mecca of all marathons – SCMM- a Gold Label Race in the World. It is a bit difficult to beat your personal best considering the hot and humid weather conditions in Mumbai. Additionally, you can also consider the Thane Hiranandani Half Marathon, Vasai-Virar Marathon and IDBI Marathon

With a rise in the number of female runners, I would recommend the below

1) Pinkathon: India’s Biggest Women’s Run offering 5K and 10k Run
2) DNA I Can Run for women: Choose from either of 5k Fun Run, 10K Sprint Run, 2K

For those seeking some nature trails and adventure, here are some scenic races:

1) BNP Endurothon
2) Aarey Monsoon R&L Marathon: Races in Aarey are not easy, the hilly terrain makes the overall route tough. Half Marathon that entails doing two loops of the same hills makes the event tougher 3) Yeoor Hill Run Challenge: Yeour Hill Run Challenge in Mumbai offers an opportunity to run on a scenic course along the Yeour hills with wonderful and breathtaking views
So keep running, stay healthy and don’t forget to have along the way 😉