Injury-free running by The H.E.A.L Institute

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One of the biggest pain points for runners – literally – are injuries that often put an end to their running stint. It’s all down to not having access to expert help that can help you manage and overcome the injury. When such help is at hand promptly, the lasting effects of the injury can be greatly reduced. That’s where RunDoctor steps in. In an interview with FirstRun, H.E.A.L’s Hamza Ghouse tells us the story behind the institute in Mumbai, and how the association with FirstRun for RunDoctor came to be.

Give us an introduction to The H.E.A.L Institute and why it was established.

The H.E.A.L Institute is essentially a multidisciplinary Sports Medicine & High Performance Center created to offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. As a company, we believe in a state-of-the-art approach to injury management, post-operative care, sports-specific rehabilitation and exercise science. We are here to address the need for non-surgical care in the market.



H.E.A.L’s capacious training facility for patients and athletes

Could you tell us a little about H.E.A.L Institute’s major achievements so far?

H.E.A.L was founded in 2012 to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through the empowerment & education of the therapist & patient. What started off as a one bed physiotherapy clinic has now grown into multiple stand alone facilities in Mumbai. Over the years, we have treated over 10,000 patients & 50 Olympic & Elite Athletes. Check out the H.E.A.L Timeline here.


The H.E.A.L Institute team at Mumbai Mirchi Monsoon Half Marathon 2016

What are some of the main objectives or missions of the institute?

Our clear vision is to revolutionize the physiotherapy & exercise science sector in India through par-excellence service and cutting edge technology. Our mission is to use Sports Medicine to create a safe ecosystem that encourages and promotes an active lifestyle. And our objective is to create the most trusted healthcare brand in India, and in so doing, revolutionize healthcare delivery in India.

In terms of experts and physios, give us an overview of the people involved with H.E.A.L

H.E.A.L has various experts ranging from sports scientist — Shayamal Vallabhjee, MD, who is the RunDoctor — physiotherapists, strength & conditioning trainers, sports physicians, biokineticist, massage therapists, nutrition consultants, and sports psychologists. We believe this covers the entire gamut of professional help needed by an athlete to gain that competitive and athletic advantage.

What are the various services offered by the H.E.A.L Institute?

The following services are offered at H.E.A.L :

  • Sports Injury Management – Complete 360-degree approach to diagnosis, treatment & rehabilitation of most injuries.
  • Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation – ‘Pre-hab’ & Rehab are vital components to the success of any musculo-skeletal surgery. Our unique rehab methodology covers Phase 1 to Return-to-Play rehabilitation.
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sports Massage – A deep tissue massage that it is a critical component of an athlete’s recovery process. We emphasize that art of recovery in all our training programs.
  • Video GAIT Analysis – Assessments & detailed study of foot mechanics, especially beneficial for runners and athletes.
  • Sports Nutrition – A highly neglected component of training. We cover the athlete’s dietary programs and advise on supplementary needs for the sport. H.E.A.L supports drug-free sports
  • Sports Psychology Consultancy – Helping athletes understand and develop the mental side of sport. It is integral to gain this competitive advantage in a high performing environment


H.E.A.L Institute has three facilities in Mumbai and one in Thane

Tell us about the association with FirstRun and how it came about.

FirstRun were pioneering the 0-to-5K target market where you will naturally find many beginners and green runners. This present H.E.A.L with a chance to step in and make running easier and pain-free for them. It was also in alignment with H.E.A.L’s vision to make India more active. The H.E.A.L–FirstRun partnership hence made mutualistic sense.

What can runners expect after signing up for the RunDoctor service within FirstRun?

For the first time an online coaching app is bringing to its audience expert, validated medical advice about injury management, training & recovery. This is a boon for those looking to make serious strides into the world of running, as such facility is usually only available for well-established athletes.

For more information, visit our website www.thehealinstitute.in