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These days it seems important to log in long hours after idle hour with your buttocks glued to your chairs. Using the old “no-time-to-exercise” excuse is becoming a trend more than ever. Even short bouts of cardio, stretching and strength exercises in your office can help improve your fitness an ...
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is painful condition caused due to compression of the median nerve passing through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. It is an occupational hazard usually associated with corporates who have repetitive hand movements, flexion and extension activities of the wrist, gripping ...
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Forward Head Posture

Forward Head is a postural impairment, which shifts your head forward in relation to the neck. In other words, your jaw moves away from your shoulder. This condition is commonly seen in corporate employees who spend prolonged hours in front of a computer screen.Forward head posture (FHP) can result ...
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Lower Back Pain (Lumbago)

Our bodies are not designed for a corporate lifestyle, and yet we often feel there is no choice but to spend major portions of our day sitting in a chair. The back of an average healthy person takes a beating from the low energy corporate lifestyle, leading to increased stiffness, pain, mal-alignmen ...
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Glute Amnesia

Glute amnesia is condition most commonly faced by corporate employees who spend most of their time sitting at their desk. Glutes are an incredibly important muscle group for many reasons, including preventing injury, improving performance, and helping one fit nicely into their jeans. The most common ...
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