Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain- A Poor Balance Predictor

January 2, 2019 by admin - No Comments

How many times while walking on our cobbled roads have you felt your ankle twist and an excruciating pain at the joint? Or when you are playing a sport and you land awkwardly on your foot and then you have to limp out of the court because of the pain? Well, in all probability, you have picked up an ankle sprain.

The Ankle joint has a very strong ligament system giving it the stability. Ligaments can be imagined to be like thick bands that span across 2 bones and hold them together as we go about our life. It is commonly seen that once a person injures his ankle ligament, if he doesn’t do a good rehabilitation program, he becomes prone to twisting injuries.  A study pegged the recurrence rate of ankle sprains at 14.2%. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to undergo a proper rehabilitation program post an ankle ligament injury to prevent any further recurrences.

Ankle sprains results in certain deficiencies one of them being proprioceptive loss. Proprioception is sensory information your body integrates to equip you with a sense of movement, change of speed and position within your environment. Understood at a conscious and unconscious level, proprioception provides input to allow for baseline function and the highest levels of movement. There is a definite muscle strength loss that occurs with such injuries. Linked both to strength and proprioception loss is the loss of balance. Athletes that have sustained ankle sprains have a dramatically reduced balance ability.

A rehabilitation program must, therefore, include strengthening as well as balance and proprioception training. Please walk into any of our HEAL centres if you are suffering from recurrent ankle sprains!