5 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting a Deep Tissue Massage

October 4, 2016 by admin - No Comments

We all LOVE a good massage. Be it your mom forcing you to sit down to oil your hair and giving you a wonderful ‘Champi.’ Or to your sibling giving you a gentle massage after applying ointment to your sore muscles. We all enjoy getting pampered. Massages help you relax and rejuvenate but they also have a lot of other scientific benefits. From curing injuries, alleviating pain, improving range of motion/movement, easing medication dependence, enhancing immunity and so on.
But when do you really require a massage and how often should you get one? We list down the 5 reasons why and when you need to get a Massage.

1. Do you do a lot of physical activity?

If you are a gym rat or someone who is into athletics you know the struggle & challenges we are talking about- sore muscles, ice packs, heat bags, ointments and not to forget sore muscles. It’s safe to say, that a massage after a workout or run will prepare your body better prepare for it. It also reduces cramps and spasms.

Recommended Massage: Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage 1 Rep Max, for 6 to 8 counts a month 😉

2. Do you sit for prolonged hours?

Sitting for prolonged hours does more harm than one can imagine. Working a desk job puts you at the risk of Lumbago, Forward Head Posture, Glute Amnesia and more. Massage will help you release muscular tension and enhances immunity by stimulating lymph-flow.
Recommended Massage: Deep Tissue Massage 4-5 times a month

3. Are you injured?

If you are injured you will tend to use your other muscle groups to over compensate for the injured muscles adding more stress and pressure on them. A massage during the recovery phase will help regain vitality in the atrophied and injured muscle and also relax the stressed muscles.
Recommended massage: Sports Massage 5-6 times a month

4. Are you stressed?

Scientific studies have shown that massages are proven to elevate levels of oxytocin in the blood helping fight stress, depression and other problems. It also improves your mood making you feel re-energized. So if you feel like a zombie during the week you know it’s massage calling.
Recommended Massage: Deep Tissue Massage once a week

5. Want to gain flexibility?

Studies have shown that a massage taken twice a week can work wonders on your flexibility by reducing stiffness and increasing elasticity in the trunk and lower back amongst other major muscle groups. This further helps you avoid injuries.
Recommended Massage: Sports Massage twice a week

Let’s just be straight up here. Massages make us feel great. That’s reason enough to go get pampered and have some me time and come out of the session looking like you are ready to take over the world.

So do come in for a massage at HEAL. It’s a cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness which are Massages.